Fenix MSN


A neat pack of tools for MSN


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Fenix MSN is a fantastic set of complementary tools for MSN Messenger (versions 6.x and 7.x) to let you create your own fully customized nickname and avatar.

The nickname editor offers you a fair number of options in order to get unique results. In addition, it includes the option to write words in a giant format or change the type of writing to binary code or backwards.

The avatar generator lets you create any character you want thanks to its many setup options: choose between different kinds of eyes, hair, faces, mouths, etc. It also lets you create the entire body of your character, including clothes, shoes, accessories, backgrounds, etc.

On top of that, Fenix MSN includes a fully customizable emoticon generator and an ASCII code editor to draw using the preset MSN emoticons. Finally, it features a highly addictive mind reader that will make you distrust your computer.

The program is not installed within MSN and therefore operates independently.

Includes the option to create dynamic weemees, meegos, avatars, and winks.

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